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I found this picture while viewing Facebook. I am not sure who took this photo, yet it really touched my heart. First of all I loved the fact that this boy was praying. I then see that his good friend (his dog) was there praying with him. I look at this picture often to remind [...]

Our National Debt

[vc_row el_position="first last"] [vc_column] [vc_column_text el_position="first"] Check this out. I am personally alarmed. [/vc_column_text] [vc_column_text el_position="last"] Source: I must say that if we keep going down this path, we will end up borrowing too much money and we will not be able to pay it off. The liberals believe that we must raise taxes [...]

Cal Rowing Team Dinner and Auction

I was fortunate to be invited to the Cal Rowing Team's dinner and auction by my friends Rodney and Shirley Friedman. Rodney was the coxswain of the 1956 Cal Rowing Team. We began the evening with a reception in the University Club that is at the top of the Cal Stadium. The views from there are [...]