Our Cats

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Leo is the king of the house. He is a Maine Coon and is VERY friendly. He likes to go out the front in the morning with me to get the newspaper together.

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Sylvester has a nick-name… Slinky. He is a very private cat who does things on his terms.

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Rose is the sweetest kitty. She likes lots of attention and wants to be near someone. Even though she may be the smallest cat of the house, she holds her own and will not back down. She is polydactyl and has six toes on each paw. Her claws are very sharp. When she walks along the wood floors in the house you can hear click, click, click.

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Sabrina is the queen of the house.

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Sassy is the best friend of Courtney. She is very tiny and is very friendly to all the cats except Leo. She keeps her distance from Leo.

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Tigger is our outdoor kitty. She is very sweet and stays outside since she and Leo do not get along.