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Check this out. I am personally alarmed.

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Source: tradingeconomics.com

I must say that if we keep going down this path, we will end up borrowing too much money and we will not be able to pay it off. The liberals believe that we must raise taxes on the “rich” and the conservatives believe we must cut spending. I have no problem with EVERYONE paying their fair share, yet we must stop providing entitlements for most everyone. My belief is that if you are physically capable of working, you pitch in and do your part. If you are unfortunate where you are unable to work, then this great country will take care of you. For some reason, there are a lot of people that believe it is better get an entitlement check than to go out and work. If you cannot find a job working for someone else, create a business for yourself. This is America and that is the American spirit. My wish is that we do not lose the American spirit.

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