Two of my good friends PETE Stringfellow and Buzzy Martin came to dinner with me tonight at one of my favorite restaurants in Sonoma County, Walter Hansel Wine & Bistro. I called our host at the restaurant, Fred Callahan, ahead of time and he told me that he was excited to hear Buzzy and Pete play.

Buzzy and Fred

Buzzy and Fred

When we showed up at the restaurant, Fred was wearing an AWESOME guitar shirt ready for the occasion. The meal was over the top in excellence. Everyone was having a great time. Then the guitars came out…

Buzzy got things going, and then PETE sang a great song. Now, PETE and Buzzy did a few duo jams and everyone loved it.

This was a great night in a great restaurant, awesome food, good friends, and fantastic music. I am sure there is more to come…

pete-buzzy-at-walter-hansel-wine-bistro-july-25-2014_02 pete-buzzy-at-walter-hansel-wine-bistro-july-25-2014_03